Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday July 26, 2009 InfoWarrior Show

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Sunday July 26, 2009

Jason covers passage of the climate change bill in the House of Representatives, by a 219-212 vote, which will allow the government a ridiculous amount of control in business, industry and personal life. Alex Jones is also in studio to help explain how this bill will massively increase government regulation of every aspect of our personal lives by creating a green stasi to micromanage our living standards. - Archiving the Alex Jones Show

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Jason Bermas Takes a Break

Sorry for not relaying the news before, but the reason there have been no new updates to the InfoWarrior with Jason Bermas broadcast is because Jason is taking Hiatus. He will be out indefinitely to work on his film and help Alex with some films he is working on as well. The news is that Jason may be taking up a week opener on Sundays around 9 pm. This should commence in a couple weeks. Thank you for joining Jason with me and I hope you will join us as we add his new show in a couple weeks. Please join us over at the Alex Jones Podcast -

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Hope to see you there.